Year in Review

Happy New Year!

To review 2017, I really want to focus on two key areas: blogging and speaking engagements.

Blogging and speaking were both on the roadmap for 2018 accomplishments. I am a bit of perfectionist, and due to the time investments both blogging and speaking require, I felt like I needed more time. More time for what? I dunno... I just needed more time.

As I discuss this with friends and colleagues, I was pressured to start early. So, I did - and it was a great decision!


With this blog starting Q4, I was a bit aggressive in generating content (perfectionist, remember). I was able to write 8 blog posts in October and November, on mostly .NET Core related topics.

Prior to end of year, if I had been asked about the geographic reach of the blog, I probably would have said 99% of all traffic is generated within the United States, with 1% other. Terrible misconception on my part. Sad!

Top 5, Session Total

United States - 31%
Norway - 9%
India - 7%
Canada - 5%
United Kingdom - 5%


Post of the Year

The Post of the Year is...

What is a Paginable... is that Really a Thing?

Here is the runner up:

Manage Transactions in ASP.NET Core Razor Pages 2.0

Sixty-eight percent of all traffic was to What is a Paginable... There is a huge gap between the #1 and #2. I posted both of these to LinkedIn; however, the first one was also posted to a Architects and Developers group via LinkedIn. As you can imagine, that generated a lot of interest and exposure.

Speaking Engagements

As I mentioned, speaking was something I really wanted to start in 2018... but here we are!

.NET Fringe

Portland, Oregon

June 2017
Lightning talk on PaginableCollections
5 minutes | Video

Birmingham .NET Meetup

Birmingham, Alabama

October 2017
Lightning talk on PaginableCollections
10 minutes | Slides

November 2017
Deep Dive into ASP.NET Core Razor Pages 2.0
50 minutes | Slides

Thank you 2017 - I really enjoy it!

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